RivetDot Wall Mount FAQ

Tips and how-to's about RivetDot wall mount kit

Q: Why does my device keep sliding off ? Why isn't the magnet holding ?

Please make sure that you are using the right side of the magnet. The center part of the magnet should have the indent side out where the screw will go.
Magnetic plate facing out
If the magnetic plate is on the wrong side, the mounting screw will not be fully seated into the indentation which will limit the magnetic mounting surface for the device to attach.
In a worst case situation, the magnetic plate may crack due to over-tightening of the screw.
Rivetdot screw not properly mounted

Q: 3M adhesive plate is not attaching to the back side of my device ?

Before applying the 3M adhesive plate to your Echo dot / Home Mini device, please clean the bottom side of the device to remove any dust or grease.
Then, peel off the clear film from the 3M adhesive and place it onto the back side of Echo Dot / Home Mini.
Last step is to ensure a good surface contact by applying enough pressure with your fingers or a roller, or platen pressure on the 3M adhesive plate and your Echo Dot / Home Mini device.
3M adhesive plate 3M adhesive plate installation

Q: Is the magnet on the wall mount strong enough to hold my device?

Yes! We stand by the quality of our products. We have tested the Home Mini and Echo Dot on the magnetic piece for our wall mount to ensure that it can be placed and mounted securely long-term with no issue.

Our new stock of RivetDot wall mounts (updated 3/26) now includes an additional 3M adhesive + magnetic mounting plate to streamline the installation.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you need help with your installation or a part replacement. We will be happy to guide you step by step in the process any time.

Here is the demonstration video with the Home Mini securely placed on the magnet of the wall mount.

Since the metal is behind the rubber, make sure the Home Mini cable is plugged into the USB port of the Home Mini, and the USB cable is clipped into the “cable slit”, so it will be properly mounted. Hold the Home Mini against the magnet at a 90-degree angle. The revert cable tension and the orange rubber fit in the lip of the wall mount, which will secure the Home Mini device in place.

Q: Where can I buy the RivetDot wall mount for my Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation / Google Home Mini ?

Rivetdot Wall Mount is now on sale on Amazon. Get your wall mount for Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini here.

Q: Where can I install my Amazon Echo Dot / Google Home Mini?

Without a wall mount, the Amazon Echo Dot can only be placed on a flat surface, such as a table top, kitchen counter, or a desk. With our RivetDot wall mount, you will be able to install your Amazon Echo Dot / Google Home Mini ANYWHERE in your home!

Q: I am a Google Home Mini user and ordered your RivetDot Wall Mount. Why does my wall mount include a user manual intended for the Echo Dot?

We originally designed our wall mount for both the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot to be properly long-term mounted and secured with no issue.

The original wall mount version for Google Home Mini did not include the additional 3M adhesive magnetic plate. Our current stock now includes an additional 3M adhesive mounting plate to streamline the installation. You will find a different user manual (or user manual intended for the Echo Dot), but rest assured the product and materials itself are for the Home Mini usage as well. Feel free to go here for an updated Google Home Mini wall mount user manual.

Q: Will RivetDot work with Echo Dot 1st generaation ?

RivetDot works perfectly with Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation.

Q: The web site is optimized for speech recognition. What are the interactive commands it can support ?

  • Greeting messages
  • Any phrases about installation, how to, help
  • any phrases about 'questions'
  • Buy one
  • Read manual

Q: rivetdot.com is not recognizing my voice ?

Make sure your microphone is allowed by your browser.
enabling microphone


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