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Place wall mount plate (A) to the desired location and height where the Echo Dot or Home Mini will be mounted. Ensure the wall mount plate and two center screw holes are properly levelled.

Contents Included

A.  Wall mount plate (x1)

B.  Cable management holder (x1)

C.  Magnetic quick release plate (x1)

D.  Mounting plate (x1)

E.  Screws (x7)

i. 2 x 5.4*6mm to secure cable management holder to wall mounting plate

ii. 1 x 5.2*8mm to secure quick release plate to RivetDot holder

iii. 4 x 4.8*16mm to secure wall mount plate

Fasten cable management holder (B) onto the wall mount plate (A) using screws (i).


Fasten magnetic quick release plate (C) onto cable management holder using screws (ii).

Wipe the bottom side of the Echo Dot / Home Mini to remove any dust or oil.

Plug Echo Dot / Home Mini USB charger to the wall outlet first and pull cable firmly and lock into the right opening slot of the cable management holder.


Wind the cable firmly around the Wall Mount counter clockwise until there are 4-5 inches left of the cable.








Hold mounting plate (D) against quick release plate (C) on the wall mount to secure and center Echo Dot / Home Mini.

Plug the micro USB into Echo Dot / Home Mini. Continue winding the cable and then lock the cable into the left opening slot.

Bring excess cable across the right opening and lock in position. Tuck the remaining behind quick release plate (C).


Make sure the Echo Dot / Home Mini USB cable length from the desired wall mount placement to the wall outlet is long enough.



Secure wall plate using screws (iii).


Peel off the clear film from the 3M adhesive + mounting plate (D) and place it accordingly onto the cleaned Echo Dot / Home Mini back.

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The Wall Mount for

the Amazon Echo Dot

and Google Home Mini

Disclaimer: This RivetDot wall mount is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. The user is liable for usage of product.